George Fox Cycling Solutions specialises in implementing bespoke solutions to bike fitting, coaching and product development

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George Fox Cycling

Specialising in aero bike fit George Fox brings hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing with both cyclists and triathletes to bike fits. This approach of making informed decisions means that George is currently carrying out fits for industry leading businesses in the bike fitting and cycling coaching sector. 

Cycling coaching and bike specific triathlon coaching is also a speciality of George Fox Cycling Solutions, again carrying this out for leading providers within time trial, road race and triathlon coaching. 

Product development for aerodynamic and ergonomic pieces had been a focus throughout 2019, developing products that provide unique solutions across time trial and triathlon. With experience wind tunnel testing on a range of products from bikes, wheels, skinsuits and helmets the aerodynamic testing protocols are adhered to strictly across the board. 


George Fox Cycling Solutions


George Fox is a Sports Marketing BA graduate that specialises in Aero Bike Fit and Cycling Coaching across road race, time trial and triathlon. With a background in Time Trial himself George has placed highly across many national time trials in additions to finishes across the top ten in national level road racing too. Over the past 3 years George has been an aero bike fitter for multiple companies leading the way in aero testing and aero bike fitting for time trial and triathlon. George’s coaching experience has seen riders coached to multiple national championships including a Qatarian National Road Race Champion in 2019. 


George Fox


Aero Bike Fit is a specialist service on offer from George Fox based in East Northamptonshire.

With 1 level of bike fit on offer starting from £220 there is a ‘no stone left unturned’ approach to the aero fit with the ability to rebuild bikes within the fit to ensure you and the bike are leaving ready to race. 

All parts such as pads, poles and angled shims are all available within the fit to ensure the best possible aero and comfortable result is achieved. 

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